The Reverend John Mulkern M Div.

John first thought of being a minister at age 15. At age 35 he went back to school to receive his MDiv from Luther seminary. During his life, he’s lived a life filled with personal trials and tragedies which have helped shape his approach to providing guidance and help to those in need of a Pastor.

While working as a hospital chaplain, John found that the short term counseling he offered in his role was woefully inadequate in the face of the long- term struggle to cope with loss and truly heal. His work with substance abuse patients taught him that ’the system’ simply didn’t offer the opportunity to see patients through the full process of acclimating back into everyday life.

Frustrated with the experiences he was witnessing in people, John decided to dedicate himself to ministering to those in need in certain areas, who didn’t have someone to listen to them.

As a pastor, John’s approach relies on the spiritual aspect of healing, but with a “human” element that is different than the “norm”. He has an uncanny ability to get past the barriers people put up when dealing with their personal issues. After being a youth pastor, he also found that kids in particular gravitate to him when they have problems in life. John believes humanity has been tasked with the job of continually improving God’s creation. And that involves reaching out to those who need help the most. Faith, as it is said, can truly move mountains, but he believes it starts with one person at a time.